Kwon Na Ra Spilled The Tea On Why She Cried While Shooting “Itaewon Class” With Park Seo Joon

Kim Da Mi was there too!

TVing’s variety show Youth MT saw a mini reunion of the cast of Itaewon Class. Actors Park Seo JoonKwon Na RaLee Joo Young, and Ryu Kyung Soo were the guests featured on the first episode of the show that aired on September 9 KST.

The episode started with all four of them in a car, getting driven to the joint MT base camps. Park Seo Joon was seen wondering out loud: “I’m really curious about what game we’re going to play,” and then he guessed it might be something like Freeze Tag.

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Kwon Na Ra worriedly replied to this saying that she is very bad at running. That’s when she brought up the story of shooting a running scene with Park Seo Joon and Kim Da Mi for Itaewon Class. She said that he is very good at running and shockingly revealed that the scene was shot for almost five hours.

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Park Seo Joon replied, “I can’t run anymore after that” and Kwon Na Ra added, “I even cried” making everyone burst into laughter.

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If you are wondering which scene she was talking about, it’s this one:

Who could’ve guessed that even such an unassuming scene had so much of (literal) sweat and tears behind it? It is behind-the-scene stories like this that make you fully appreciate dramas and movies all the more.

Source: Ranking News