Famous Kwon Twins Reveal Which YG Artists Are The Best Dancers

The Kwon Twins, two melting hot dancers from YG Entertainment, named these two YG artists as the best dancers of the agency!

YG Dancers Kwon Young Deuk and Kwon Young Don, otherwise known as the Kwon Twins, have earned their shot to fame through their stellar dance skills and model-esque beauty.


Having worked with the agency and various artists for years, the two famous and equally talented twins surely had insider information of what it’s like behind the scenes. 


An appearance on Mimi Shop had the two revealing whichs YG artists are the best in learning new dance routines. Their choices? BIGBANG‘s Seungri and WINNER‘s Seunghoon!

“BIGBANG’s Seungri is fast at learning new choreography.

I also really like it when dancers dance and feel the music – WINNER’s Seunghoon is good at that.”

 — Kwon Youngdon


Seungri’s been known to be the king of dancing even before his debut! He’s frequently demonstrated that he quickly catches on to other artists’ choreographies as well.


WINNER’s Seunghoon can literally be deemed the second Seungri as he also has a talent for quickly learning another artists’ choreography while putting his own special feel into it!


Both Kwon dancers are well recognised for their unbelievable talent on the dance floor so there’s no wonder that their rating of Seungri and Seunghoon as superb dancers has been well received! 

Source: Newsen