Kyuhyun’s Family Stalked By Dangerous Sasaeng Fan For The Past 3 Years

WARNING: Uncomfortable graphics and vulgar language are included in the images.

Super Junior Kyuhyun‘s older sister, Ahra, recently revealed that a stalker has been harassing and threatening her family for the past 3 years. The Instagram account under the handle, @hyori35, repeatedly hacked their accounts, sent them death messages, and more.

Ahra revealed that even if they report it to the police, the stalker would only make another account and continue harassing them.


The stalker would call her night and day from multiple international numbers. She shared all of the proof through her personal Instagram account.


Not only did the stalker harass Ahra, they also included the whole family – father, mother and brother all included.


What’s worse is that the stalker would follow them around in real life. The stalker once sent her a photo as proof that he/she was following them. In the photo, Kyuhyun’s father was eating alone.


@hyori35 has also posted vulgar insults towards Ahra in the past. As she awaited the arrival of her twin babies, the account wished for her death and vowed that karma was coming to get her.


When Ahra’s posts began to circulate within the fans, @hyori35 uploaded photos of her Instagram posts and threatened them once more.


Ahra didn’t stand idly by. She shared more photos of the stalker’s threats, especially the recent ones where the stalker demanded that she take down the posts about his/her account.


@hyori35 then took to his/her Instagram account to claim that he/she will release Ahra’s phone number if she didn’t take the posts down.


And sure enough, the stalker posted Ahra’s phone number on Instagram for the world to see.


The stalker then uploaded graphic photos of intentional cuts on a wrist.


Ever since the incident, Ahra has taken down her posts about the stalker and the stalker’s account had been closed down. Fans continue to leave supportive messages on Ahra’s Instagram account.


Fans have also begun trending the hashtag “#ProtectChoAhra” and “#ProtectKyuHyun” to spread awareness and bring justice to the Cho family’s stalker.

Source: Nate Pann

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