Kyungbock High School Students Are Allegedly Doxxed, And A Parent Goes Viral For Message To aespa Fan

“Hello, I am a parent of a Kyungbock High School student who is affiliated with the controversy…”

A message an aespa fan allegedly received from a Kyungbock High School parent is going viral.

Picture of aespa uploaded by students | Theqoo
Picture of aespa uploaded by students | Theqoo

A post was recently uploaded on Korean online communities titled, “An aespa Fan Received A Message From A Parent Of A Kyungbock High School Student.

Picture of aespa uploaded by students | Theqoo

In the post, a fan asks incredulously, “Is your family the only thing important?”

I’m so taken aback. Is your family the only thing that’s important? The only thing aespa members received in return for their performance was sexual harassment. Have you ever thought of the members who went through that? How do you have no shame? Why are you afraid of a situation you made?

— Aespa fan

The fan then uploaded a message she received from a student’s mother. In the message, the parent states they are a parent of a student affiliated with the recent controversy where students jumped up on stage and harassed the members. The parent asks that the fan take down mentions of her posts regarding the incident.

Parent’s message to aespa fan | Theqoo

Hello, I am a parent of a Kyungbock High School student who is affiliated with the controversy. The post you made has gone so viral that every time it is retweeted, our son’s real name is brought up and is cursed at by other users.

As this is the first time we are going through something like this, our son is afraid to the point he is receiving treatment for trauma. We, as a family, aren’t able to sleep out of fear. I know I am in no position to ask you to take your post down, but I ask you…

—Parent of Kyungbock High School student

Netizens who saw the post commented, “Wow, they really have no shame,” “You can tell the parent didn’t teach their children well,” and “They should have apologized first.

Netizens respond to parent’s message | Twitter
  • “That parent probably believes not disciplining their children shows them, love. If you really love them, you should hold them accountable when they do wrong.”
  • “If the perpetrators think they are going through a tough time, they should know it’s always worst for the victims… I hope the perpetrators are held accountable.”
  • “They are not the victims. Why do they only think of themselves?”
Picture of aespa uploaded by students | Theqoo

On May 2, aespa members were subject to sexual harassment and cyber abuse during and after a performance at Kyungbock High School, Lee Soo Man‘s alma mater. A number of fans had gotten on stage and had physical contact with the members and took pictures—later uploading the pictures while using inappropriate and abusive captions.

Picture of aespa uploaded by students | Theqoo

Kyungbock High School has since apologized to both aespa and SM Entertainment.

Source: Wikitree