Label SJ Makes Statement Regarding Kangin’s Involvement In A Chatroom With Jung Joon Young

Kangin states he never filmed or shared illegal videos.

Label SJ has released their official statement regarding Super Junior‘s Kangin‘s participation in a chatroom with Jung Joon Young, and denied any accusations of him ever spreading or filming illegal hidden camera videos.

It is true that Kangin was in a temporary chatroom with Jung Joon Young when they appeared together on a variety show. The program happened 3 years ago, and the chatroom has been deleted. He does not remember what the other celebrities in the chatroom posted or what conversations were had, but Kangin has stated that he never filmed or distributed any illegal videos.

We have not been contacted by the relevant investigation agencies regarding this issue, but if there is a request for our cooperation, we will fully comply to those requests.

— Label SJ

It was previously revealed that celebrities “J”, “K”, and “L” were also a part of chatrooms with Jung Joon Young where illegal videos were shared. Netizens believed the identities of these celebrities to be from the cast of JTBC‘s show Hitmaker, which included 2AM‘s Jinwoon, Kangin, and model Lee Cheol Woo.

Source: Mydaily

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