Netizens Believe JTBC “Hitmaker” Cast Involved In Jung Joon Young’s Chatrooms

JTBC is currently discussing the suspension of VOD services.

JTBC is currently discussing the suspension of the VOD services of programs featuring Jung Joon Young, who was recently sent to prosecution.

A representative of JTBC stated that Seungri‘s episode of Knowing Bros has already been deleted from the VOD service and that they are reviewing the situation with Jung Joon Young.

We are having an internal discussion in relation to the deletion of VOD services. The VOD service for Seungri’s episode of Knowing Bros has been deleted. In regard to the VOD for Jung Joon Young’s programs, we plan to make a decision about the deletion depending on the content in the future.



While most broadcasting stations were busy “erasing” Jung Joon Young from their programs, JTBC continued to provide VOD services for Jung Joon Young’s programs until now (10:30 am KST, March 29). Some of the programs Jung Joon Young regularly appeared on included Old House, New House and Hitmaker, in addition to numerous programs he guested on.


Meanwhile, it has recently been reported that more celebrities (in particular, Singer K, Singer J and Model L) were involved in Jung Joon Young’s illegal camera hidden camera sharing. With the news, people have been trying to find out who these celebrities were and some have suggested the cast members of a specific program.


In April 2016, Jung Joon Young sent a text message to CNBLUE‘s Jonghyun saying, “Berlin is fun,” suggesting that he solicited prostitution. People have been correlating this text message to the program, Hitmaker, which starred Jung Joon Young, Super Junior‘s Gangin, 2AM‘s Jinwoon and model Lee Cheol Woo. The cast members traveled to Berlin for filming around the time Jung Joon Young sent the message to Jonghyun.

Coincidentally, the initials of the mentioned celebrities in Jung Joon Young’s chatroom match the cast of Hitmaker. Without any confirmation, however, the rumors could defame innocent celebrities and it seems that JTBC is taking this aspect into consideration and acting cautiously as well.


Meanwhile, Producer Park Han Soon has made a statement clarifying that the Hitmaker production staff is not related to Jung Joon Young’s scandal in any way.

The production staff is not correlated. We do not know about their private lives.

ㅡ PD Park Han Soon


The producer also revealed that while the program’s staff and cast made a group chat, they only used it to make announcements related to the program.

We made a group chat when we began the program but only used it to post announcements such as ‘the script is out,’ ‘let’s meet at such time,’ or ‘we’ll begin filming at such time.’ We don’t know if there was another group chat between the members.

ㅡ PD Park Han Soon


In addition, the staff and cast members had spent time apart during their free time.

When we weren’t filming, the cast and the staff spent time apart so we do not know. The cast and staff had different lodgings. We stayed at a cheap place while the cast stayed at a guest house for additional filming.

ㅡ PD Park Han Soon

Source: Sports Donga and Edaily

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