The Labels Of NCT’s Taeyong And Actress Park Ju Hyun Respond To Dating Allegations

Park Ju Hyun was spotted at a recent NCT-127 concert.

SM Entertainment and 935 Entertainment denied dating allegations swirling around NCT‘s Taeyong and actress Park Ju Hyun.

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On January 12, SM Entertainment responded to the dating rumors by stating that the idol and actress were just friends.

Reports (of the two dating) are false. The two are just friends.

— SM. Entertainment

Park Ju Hyun’s label, 935 Entertainment, also denied the rumors.

Park Ju Hyun’s dating allegation with NCT’s Taeyong is absolutely false. They are simply friends. She frequently attends concerts of artists she is close with, such as IU, and uploads photos. She is close to many celebrities.

— 935 Entertainment

Recently, allegations that the two were dating were made on online communities. According to a netizen’s online post, Taeyong had given Park Ju Hyun seats reserved for artists’ family members at a recent NCT-127 concert. Netizens also alleged that Taeyong’s game ID was “Sorang-e” (romanized) in reference to the actress. Sorang is the name of the actress’s character in her drama The Forbidden Marriage.

Park Ju Hyun as Sorang | MBC

Park Ju Hyun is an up-and-coming actress best known for appearing in the dramas Extracurricular and Mouse. The actress is currently starring in MBC‘s The Forbidden Marriage.

Taeyong is the leader of NCT. The idol debuted with NCT’s sub-unit NCT-U in 2016 and was named leader of NCT-127 in 2017. Taeyong is also a member of SM Entertainment’s supergroup SuperM.


Source: joy news24 and joy news24