LABOUM To Appear On Music Shows Again As Their 4 Year Old Song “Journey To Atlantis” Rises In Charts

Even Suzy recommended their song!

LABOUM will be making a comeback to music shows with their 2016 song, “Journey To Atlantis”. Following the rise of Brave Girls and their hit track “Rollin'”, it seems that the YouTube algorithm has done its job again. This time, it shone the spotlight on the refreshing summer hit, “Journey To Atlantis”.

The song had charted in on local charts such as Melon, Genie, Bugs and Vibe mid-March 2021. Not only so, they entered the TOP 9 on YouTube Music as well! Their original music video for the song finally hit 7 million views as well. Top star Suzy, also made sure to feature the girls on her Instagram, personally cheering them on. She recommended the song to her fans using the hashtag “#SongRecommendation“.

According to news outlet My Daily, the girls of LABOUM will be bringing their lovely charms to the stage again in April. They will perform the song as a 5 member group. Previously, “Journey To Atlantis” was released when former member Yulhee was present.

Although there were no talks of disbanding, their last comeback was a year ago with “Firework”. Check out their 2021 version of “Journey To Atlantis” below.

Source: theqoo and Pickon
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