LABOUM Rises Back On Charts After Yoo Jae Suk’s Project Group MSG Wannabe Covers “Journey To Atlantis”

They ranked number one!

It looks like its K-Pop idol girl group LABOUM’s time to shine!

Recently, MBC TV show Hangout with Yoo’s Top 8 for male project group MSG Wannabe sang LABOUM’s “Journey To Atlantis”, bringing back a legendary song after five years.

This became such a hot issue that their song ranked number one on Bugs Music Chart for the first time since the song was released!

Fans that listened to MSG Wannabe’s version of the song were pleasantly surprised at how good it sounded!

  • This is so good! Let’s just go with eight members!
  • Lee Sang Yi and Park Jae Jung’s parts are so good!
  • The male version of this song is so good.
  • This is so good I hope they drop an album for this!

Fans were also happy to see that the group was finally receiving the recognition that they deserve!

Looks like another Brave Girls moment is happening again! What girl group would you like to see back up on the charts next?

Source: theqoo