LABOUM’s Solbin Apologizes After Disrespecting BTS’s Jin

LABOUM’s Solbin behavior towards BTS’s Jin was criticized.

Solbin recently held the last broadcast for her role as Music Bank‘s MC, which she held for nearly 2 years.


To celebrate her conclusion, LABOUM held a live broadcast after her last episode on June 8th, which she co-hosted with special MC, BTS Jin.


Near the end of their broadcast, Jin popped by their room to tell her ‘good job’.

“You did well today.” — Jin


The controversy arose when Solbin said goodbye to her fans and went outside after Jin, calling out to him informally.

“Hey! Kim Seokjin~~~” — Solbin


Her way of calling out to him was controversial because Jin is five years older than her and her senior in the industry. It’s not customary to greet seniors in the informal way.

  • “No matter how you look at it, Solbin was in the wrong”
  • “It’s just disrespectful in the idol culture”
  • “She must be boy crazy. Chasing after a senior while using informal language even before the v live was over”
  • “Solbin’s getting hate because she used informal language to Jin, left the members who came to congratulate her behind, didn’t even stay to spend time with the fans until the live broadcast ended.”


After realizing her mistake, Solbin took the time to officially apologize through Instagram.

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“I am so happy to be a Music Bank MC for a year and a half. I want to express my sincere gratitude to those who have helped me out and have given me so much love. Thank you very much. I would like to apologize to everyone who was hurt and inconvenience by my ill behavior during the live broadcast that took place after the last broadcast. Sorry.  I will try to show you a more mature look in the future. Thank you.” — Solbin


Check out the controversial footage below:

Source: Nate Pann