LABOUM’s Haein Announces Her Upcoming Marriage And Pregnancy

Congratulations to Haein and her family!

LABOUM‘s Haein has announced she will be getting married and is expecting a baby.

Haein’s agency RND Company first confirmed the news of Haein’s marriage.

Our company’s artist Haein has met the person she will spend the rest of her life with and is getting married in November.

Her groom is not a celebrity. We ask for your understanding that we cannot share the exact date or schedule for the wedding. Please give your warm blessing and support to Haein as she starts the next chapter of her life.

— RND Company

Following RND Company’s statement, Haein also shared a handwritten letter confirming the news and sharing her pregnancy.


Hello, this is Yeom Haein. Did you all have a good Chuseok holiday? I went on a trip with my family, ate a lot of delicious food, and had a great time. I hope you all had a great holiday.

I am sorry I am greeting you after such a long time, but I am both excited and nervous because I am sharing good news with you.

Looking back at the past eight years with LABOUM, I think its right for me to say that I really don’t know how the time passed by so quickly. We cried together and laughed together, and we were so happy to receive your love. I want to thank our fans and I will always love you, as you turned me into a person who received such love and a person who can appreciate the love I receive.

Everyone, I am getting married in November. You must have been very surprised by the sudden news, but the more I thought about it, the more I came to trust in him, so I decided to marry him. We became friends when we were 19, the young, cute, and fresh age.

As time passed, it was fascinating and felt like fate to see him grow up into an adult. His caring and friendly appearance always made me feel comfortable and he took care of my family as much as I did. I was grateful for his dependability in relieving my concerns and solving my problems. Most of all, when we’re together, I notice I am smiling a lot. So we decided to get married.

As we were gratefully preparing for our marriage, a blessing came into our life as a child. When I heard our child’s heartbeat, I was touched beyond words. It was a moment where I felt a heightened sense of responsibility and touching joy. I am having a very happy time these days experiencing these emotions and overwhelming moments for the first time in my life.

If Latte [LABOUM’s fanclub], who always give me their endless love, support, and encouragement despite my shortcomings, give me their blessing for this happy moment, that would make me happier than anything else. I am still lacking in many ways so even as I share this news, I think there may be some feelings that I haven’t considered.

I would appreciate if you could accept my feelings through this letter with my apologies, gratitude, and love. Since there are many precious people in my life, I will work hard as I live my life, feeling grateful and a sense of responsibility at every moment. I hope your lives are always full of happiness

— Haein

Source: Osen