GRIGO Entertainment Responds To LACHICA Gabee’s Breakup Rumors

Gabee was reported to have broken up with her boyfriend.

LACHICA Gabee‘s label responded to the dancer’s break-up rumors.

Gabee | @gabeegal/Instagram

On November 24, GRIGO Entertainment was asked about the rumors surrounding Gabee. GRIGO Entertainment revealed that due to it being a personal matter, it was difficult for them to comment.

Due to it pertaining to the artists’ private life, it is difficult for us to verify the truth of the matter.

— GRIGO Entertainment

The dancer was swept up in rumors that she had broken up with her boyfriend, Cho Yi Taek, when on a YouTube show, her castmate, comedian Lee Yong Jin revealed that she had broken up with her boyfriend.

The rumors gained credence when it was revealed that Gabee and her boyfriend were no longer following each other on Instagram.

LACHICA’s Gabee Reportedly Has A New Relationship Status

Gabee had previously been very open about her relationship with her theatre-actor boyfriend. The two had previously appeared on a KBS variety show, and Gabee spoke openly about him on a previous appearance on an MBC variety show.


Source: OSEN
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