Ladies Code Parts Ways With Polaris Entertainment After 7 Years

Another victim of the “7 Year Curse.”

Girl group Ladies Code has parted ways with Polaris Entertainment after spending their first 7 years active together.

The agency confirmed the news in their statement to the press and public early February 17.

Hello, this is Polaris Entertainment.

We would like announce that as of February 17, Ladies Code’s exclusive contracts with us have expired. After a series of careful and lengthy discussions, it was decided that the contracts would not be renewed.

Ahead of the sad news, we would like to express our sorrow for the members who are leaving, as they passionately participated in promoting right until the last minutes of their contracts. In addition, we would like to also express our gratitude to the Ladies Code members who have been our company’s artist for the past 7 years.

We will give our full support to the activities of Ladies Code in the future and we look forward to seeing the members together, still under the name Ladies Code.

— Polaris Entertainment

Ladies Code debuted in 2013 with their album Code #1 and established themselves as a front-runner in the K-Pop industry at the time, winning Best New Artist at the 2013 Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards. The group continue to release new music throughout 2013 and 2014. Following the car accident which took the lives of members EunB and RiSe, the group took a 17 month hiatus to focus on recovery and counseling, and made their comeback as 3 member in February 2016.

Source: Osen