Ladies’ Code RiSe’s first death anniversary remembered through private ceremony

Polaris Entertainment provided an update with regards to the first year anniversary of Ladies’ Code’s RiSe’s death. 

On September 7th, the agency revealed that a memorial to commemorate RiSe’s death anniversary to the public was not organised. A memorial ceremony was conducted in private instead. It can be recalled that after holding funeral rites in South Korea, her remains were then buried in her hometown in Japan.

The service was similar to the private ceremony held by EunB’s family and friends last week inviting only close acquaintances at the Skycastle Memorial Park.

A year ago, it can be recalled that Ladies’ Code was involved in a car crash that took the lives of RiSe and fellow member EunB. Just recently, the remaining members fulfilled RiSe’s wish to hold a concert in Japan, while Polaris Entertainment and its artists released its first memoriam single, “I’m Fine, Thank You.” 

Source: Dispatch