Ladies’ Code’s road manager sentenced for 1 year 2 months in jail

The court has sentenced Mr. Park, 27 years old and former manager of Ladies’ Code, for 1 year and 2 months. 

On January 15th, Mr. Park, the road manager responsible for the driving the car when the accident happened last September 3rd, was sentenced by Judge Jung Young Hun.

According to the prosecutors, Mr. Park is indicted for crashing with the barrier wall while driving the van as it carried seven people, including members of girl group Ladies’ Code. 

EunB and RiSe passed away as a result of this accident, while five other passengers including other members Sojung, Ashley and Zuny were severely injured.

Polaris Entertainment, Ladies’ Code’s management agency, initially claimed that the accident was caused by the vehicle’s deficiency, but the investigation office concluded that the driver’s overspeeding was the actual cause.

Mr. Park testified that the back wheel fell out right before the accident. However, the NSCIL (National Scientific, Criminal & Investigation Laboratory) investigated and revealed that the wheel fell out due to the impact of the crash. 

During the trial, he also confessed that he tried his best and called emergency services straightaway, eventually admitting to the charge.

Source: Star News