Ladies’ Code road manager arrested and charged for reckless driving

An official statement by Suwon Police force on November 12th revealed that Ladies’ Code‘s manager Mr. Park (26 years old) has been arrested.

Mr. Park has been arrested on the charges of excessive speeding on a rainy highway resulting in the death of two members as well as injury of three members of Ladies’ Code. He was driving a Starlex at the speed of 135.7km when the car slipped and crashed into a barricade. The speed limit was 100km but considering the rainy weather, the lawful speed was around 80km. This could well mean that he was 55.7km over the speed limit at that time.

On October 20th, police investigations revealed that the cause of the accident was speeding and not vehicle malfunction.

According to Mr. Park, he was trying to step on the brake to slow down and that was when the car slipped. He also testified that he thought the back wheel of the car slipped out but it has been confirmed that the tire was detached as a result of the crash and did not contribute to the crash in any way.

The unfortunate fatal car accident happened on September 3rd, which took the lives of EunB and RiSe. Just last October 25th, a commemoration ceremony was held for RiSe’s 49th day of passing. The remaining members of Ladies’ Code, Sojung, Ashley, and Zuny, have been discharged from the hospital to recover at home.

Source: Sports Chosun