Lai Kuanlin To Continue His Legal Fight Against Cube After His Appeal Was Dismissed 

Cube responded to his recent appeal.

Lai Kuanlin, former member of Wanna One, announced through his legal team that he has appealed the court’s decision regarding his lawsuit with Cube Entertainment. Back in July 2019, Lai Kuanlin filed a lawsuit to terminate his contract with Cube after he claimed the agency signed contract deals with third parties without his consent.

The lawsuit was ultimately dismissed by the court in November 2019, as well as the appeal on May 19, 2020. Cube claimed they will respect the court’s latest decision and try to resolve the issue with Lai Kuanlin through discussions.

On May 19, the Seoul High Court decided to dismiss the appeal trial over our lawsuit with Lai Kaunlin’s request to terminate his exclusive contract.

We respect the court’s decision and will smoothly resolve the issue through discussions between both parties.

— Cube Entertainment

Meanwhile, Lai Kuanlin’s lawyer announced that although the appeal was dismissed, they had filed another lawsuit to the court asking for Lai Kuanlin’s contract with Cube to be terminated. In the new lawsuit, they claimed that the recent events caused an unrepairable rift between the two parties and can no longer continue the contract.

​Unrelated to the provisional lawsuit, we had prepared another lawsuit to confirm that the exclusive contract was invalid and submitted to the court a day before the appeal was dismissed.

[The court agreed] that the trust relationship between Lai Kuanlin and Cube was broken, which led to a difficulty in maintaining the exclusive contract.

— Lai Kuanlin’s Lawyer

Lai Kaunlin’s lawyer believes that the new lawsuit will have a better outcome for Lai Kuanlin and vowed that he will continue working hard so that Lai Kuanlin can return to actively promoting in China.

Lai Kuanlin also took to his personal Weibo to leave a message to his fans who continue to cheer him on.

Thank you for the trust and support you gave me in this difficult situation. In the future, I will strive to move forward.

— Lai Kuanlin

Source: MBN and News1

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