Lai Kuanlin to Maintain Exclusive Contract with Cube Entertainment

The court dismissed Lai Kuanlin’s lawsuit.

Seoul Central District Court dismissed Lai Kuanlin‘s lawsuit against Cube Entertainment, which was filed last July after he revealed that Cube Entertainment sold his promotional rights in China to another agency and scheduled him for company-run schedules that conflicted with his other activities without his consent.

Cube Entertainment stated that they welcome the court’s ruling and that there has been revealed to be no reason to terminate Lai Kuanlin’s exclusive contract.

Cube Entertainment’s official announcement reads as follows:

Hello, this is Cube Entertainment.

Seoul Central District Court has made a decision regarding the lawsuit that Lai Kuanlin filed last July regarding the termination of our exclusive contract.

We welcome the court’s ruling, and would like to confirm that there has been revealed to be no reason for the termination of Lai Kuanlin’s exclusive contract. We will follow the court’s ruling by maintaining the contract and speak with Lai Kuanlin in order to come up with a solution.

Cube Entertainment will continue to support its idols, follow the contract, and maintain its trust so that the trainees and artists can exhibit their full potential.

We apologize to fans for the trouble this has caused. We will be sure to return with a better version of ourselves. Thank you.

– Cube Entertainment


Source: Naver News