Lai Kuanlin’s Father Speaks Up About His Thoughts On Cube Entertainment

His father made a comment about his son’s legal dispute with Cube.

As Lai Kuanlin has entered a legal dispute with his agency, Cube Entertainment, his father has spoken up about the situation. A Taiwanese media interviewed his father and asked about his thoughts on Cube Entertainment.

He first expressed his gratitude towards Cube for giving his son a great opportunity in his career. However, he revealed that he was concerned about the working conditions Cube provided for Lai Kuanlin.

He remained respectful towards Cube Entertainment and everyone who was concerned for his son. He thanked them for their worries.

I’m thankful that Cube gave [Lai Kuanlin] a huge opportunity. However, there was a bit of conflict while working together.

Aside from his contractual agreements, there were issues regarding my son’s health. As a father, I wish my father can work in a good environment.

Thank you for worrying about [Lai Kuanlin].

— Lai Kuanlin’s Father

Cube recently announced that Lai Kuanlin had “unreasonably” requested the termination of his exclusive contract with them.

It’s true that someone who claims to be Lai Kuanlin’s legal representative requested that our exclusive contract be terminated. Lai Kuanlin requested the termination without any reasonable cause.

— Cube Entertainment

In response, Lai Kuanlin explained in detail how Cube Entertainment violated their contract by releasing an official statement through his lawyer.

Source: Segye

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