LAPILLUS’s Chanty Spills On Her Unexpected Connection To 2NE1’s Sandara Park

They are two stars making it big in Korea and the Philippines!

One girl group that has recently been gaining attention with fans after their debut is MLD Entertainment‘s LAPILUSS. The group has slowly been gaining love from netizens worldwide with their energy, talent, and visuals.

Members of LAPILLUS | @offclLapillus/Twitter

Yet, one member who has a history of fame and already has a huge following is Filipina-Argentinian Chanty.

Although most of the members are fairly unknown, Chanty was already well known as an actress and model. Chanty was born in December 2002 in the Philippines, and her real name is Chantal Videla.

LAPILLUS’s Chanty | @offclLapillus/Twitter

Despite already being known to many netizens, like many rookie idols, Chanty has recently been sharing the respect she has for her seniors. In particular, Chanty has gained attention for gushing about none other than 2NE1‘s Sandara Park.

Sandara Park is one of the biggest Korean stars in the Philippines and the idol had huge success in the country, rising to fame before signing a contract with YG Entertainment and joining 2NE1.

2NE1’s Sandara Park | @daraxxi/Instagram

Even after debuting, Sandara has always ensured to go back to the Philippines and share her love for the country she was basically raised in.

| KBS WORLD TV/YouTube   

Considering her popularity in the Philippines, it isn’t surprising that Chanty grew up loving 2NE1 and the veteran idol. In a recent interview, Chanty shared just how popular Sandara Park is and revealed the reaction she would get.

When Sandara Park comes to the Philippines, ‘Wow, Sandara Park.’ There’s a reaction like this.

— Chanty

Yet, aside from showcasing her love for the 2NE1 singer, Chanty revealed an unexpected connection between the two and it’s all because of the duo’s acting career. Chanty gained attention for her roles in dramas like Spirits ReawakenLikewise, Sandara Park rose to fame in the Philippines in movies like Can This Be Love.

Chantal in “Spirits Reawaken” | @spiritsreawaken/Twitter
Sandara Park (left) on the movie poster 

According to Chanty, while Sandara Park was in the Philippines and acting, she was actually under the same agency as the Lapillus idol, which was ABS-CBN and her agent was also Star Magic.

When asked if she had ever met the 2NE1 singer, Chanty initially said that she hadn’t until she suddenly remembered a moment, and her face absolutely lit up.

According to Chanty, she saw Sandara Park at the salon once but she was too shy to say hello. Even her fellow members joked that they were too nervous to say hello as it was when they were trainees, but they hope to have a chance soon.

Hopefully, it isn’t long before Chanty and Sandara Park can meet. As two of the biggest stars in the Philippines and Chanty set to make her name in K-Pop, the two have a lot in common.

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