Who Is LAS? The Gen-Z Duo Who Wrote IVE’s Songs Releases A Spring Song With (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon

They are definitely an up-and-coming duo you want to keep an eye out for!

It’s springtime, which means two things: cherry blossoms and spring songs. There is a new song to add to our K-Pop spring playlists—a male duo called LAS released a spring song featuring (G)-IDLE‘s Miyeon that is melting our hearts.

LAS with Miyeon | @_las_official/Instagram

LAS is a singer-songwriter duo that also produces and DJs. The two members are Avin and Slay, two friends who met when they were twenty and started writing music together.

Avin (left) and Slay (right) | Drama House Studio

Their songwriting credits list is quite impressive. The two participated in writing IVE‘s famous “Love Dive” and “My Satisfaction” from their third single album.

IVE | Starship Entertainment

They also wrote for other girl groups, such as Rocket Punch‘s “Listen Up” and Laboum‘s “Repeat.”

LAS with Rocket Punch | @slay.las/Instagram

It’s not just idol groups that LAS writes for. They also participated in hip hop artist Code Kunst‘s album with the song “911” featuring Jackson Wang. They’ve also written for soundtracks from K-Dramas, such as The Interest of Love (2022) and Nevertheless (2021), starring actress Han So Hee.

| Bugs Music

As much as they write for other artists, their own music is impressive as well. Their past song, “RUN RUN,” was a collaboration with the dance team PROWDMON, famous for dancers Monika and Lip J and their appearance on Street Woman Fighter.

Their newest release, “Spring Song,” also has an impressive collaboration—Miyeon of (G)I-DLE. The K-Pop idol is known for her visuals and singing skills; in this song, she showcases her mellow and sweet voice.

The three of them even released a live video and some bonus cute content of them playing rock, paper, scissors to their song.

With Avin and Slay being born in 1997, these young Gen-Z artists indeed show the future of K-Pop—multi-talented artists who are good at everything, whether producing, singing, rapping, DJing, dancing, or songwriting.

| @slay.las/Instagram

We can’t wait to see what kind of music and collaboration this duo will bring to the K-Pop audiences next.

Source: @slay.las, @imyouravin and Arirang Radio

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