The Last Episode Of “Yuri’s Winning Recipe” Season 1 Is Full Of Tears, Gossip, And Super Junior’s Siwon

Yuri ended season 1 with a great episode

Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri released the last episode of her YouTube show Yuri’s Winning Recipe with a teary introduction.

I think this is it for season 1 guys. It’s about time we finish up season 1. This isn’t the end though, because we have the next season waiting for us! We’re just taking a break, taking a rest? Yeah rest is more like it.

— Yuri

She continued to say that she will be focusing on her primary career of singing and acting but will return as a chef soon.

Suddenly in the middle of cooking, Siwon of Super Junior came into the kitchen with flowers for Yuri. Now that Siwon arrived, the cast proceeded to ask him questions about Yuri when he first met her.

Since when I first saw her, I saw ambition in her eyes! She wanted to take over the world all fired up and ambitious. Even as an older alumn, she was very respectable.

— Siwon

Siwon even exposed Yuri as a trainee by commenting on her “unique fashion.” Siwon Yurii asked for permission to tell the viewers but she denied his request.

Despite being told not to tell, Siwon revealed her style anyway.

she was so into her practice, that she didn’t really care about her outfit.

— Siwon

Yuri smiled at Siwon’s statement said  “any good memories of me?”

Siwon exposed Yuri once again and claimed she was talented in provocative dances back in the day.

Yuri laughed fired back and exposed Siwon in return. She stated that Siwon was classier than other idols. She poked more fun and revealed, “his walking, that tells that he knew he was good looking from head to toe.”

The two went back and forth trying to expose one another to which Yuri asks “why you keep attacking me?” Yuri humorously asked her fans to protect her.

In the end, Yuri gave Siwon nothing but compliments.

He’s cool on stage and good at acting but I don’t need to say that since everyone already knows. Siwon is born to be crazy. Remarkably good looking. Cool crazy guy. I feel like the crazy guy vibe is so so charming. He’s so delightful!

— Yuri

The episode ended with Siwon saying goodbye and asking the viewers to keep supporting Yuri!

Check out the final episode below: