“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Viewer Ratings Are Skyrocketing At An Extraordinary Rate

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ENA‘s Extraordinary Attorney Woo is continuing to reach new audiences at a torrid rate!

The drama, which saw its first episode brought in a viewership rating of 0.9%, saw its most recent 9th episode score a viewership rating of 15.8% nationwide, a new record for the drama.

The episode has seen a rapid rise in viewership rating, with its first episode seeing a 0.9%, followed by a 1.8% rating for its second, 4% rating for its third, 5.2% rating for its fourth, a 9.1% rating for its fifth, 9.6% rating for its sixth, 11.7% rating for its seventh and 13.1% for its eighth before the most recent ninth episode’s 15.8% viewership rating.

Viewership rating per episode | Naver

In the most recent episode, which aired on July 27, Woo Young Woo’s handsome paralegal Lee Joon Ho (Kang Tae Oh), confessed his feelings to Woo Young Woo.

Even the drama’s most hated character, Kwon Min Woo, helped Lee Joon Ho confess to the fan’s delight.

Earlier in the episode, Woo Young Woo told Dong Geurami that she had confessed to Lee Joon Ho but hadn’t received an answer-back.

Dong Geurami advises Woo Young Woo to express her feelings more directly by doing nice things for Lee Joon Ho. Things go a bit awry, however, as Lee Joon Ho feels uncomfortable with Woo Young Woo’s gestures and asks her if he had done anything wrong to upset her. Woo Young Woo then confesses her feelings by telling him, “No, I am just being nice because I like you.

Kang Tae Oh (left) and Park Eun Bin (right) | ENA

A flustered Lee Joon Ho then confides in Kwon Min Woo about his feelings and the reason for his hesitancy.

I just can’t imagine what happens next. What happens next after liking her. I feel like I need to be extra careful and make sure these feelings are temporary. I’m afraid if we start something, we’d just make it harder on ourselves.

— Lee Joon Ho

Kwon Min Woo challenges Lee Joon Ho’s feelings, asking if the reason he feels so worried is that his feelings are temporary, to which Lee Joon Ho denies. Kwon Min Woo then tells his friend that Joon Ho already knows what he needs to do.

Then go. You already know the answer.

— Kwon Min Woo

Lee Joon Ho then confesses to Woo Young Woo, telling her, “I have something to say. I like you. I like you so much I feel like I am lovesick.”

According to Nielsen Korea, this scene had a whopping viewership rating of 20%. Were you watching along, or are you saving the episodes for an extraordinary binge?!

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