SBS Responds To “Law Of The Jungle” Giant Clam Controversy

They released an official statement.

SBS has released an official statement regarding Law of the Jungle‘s recent controversy over giant clam hunting.

The broadcasting company apologized for the incident and announced that they will be conducting a thorough investigation and taking responsibility for the issue.

SBS once again deeply apologize for the recent Law of the Jungle issue. Subsequently, we will be conducting a thorough internal investigation and taking strict measures according to the results. In addition, we will do our best to take responsibility so that the cast member, Lee Yul Em, is affected.



Law of the Jungle recently aired a broadcast containing footage of the cast members hunting and eating giant clams in Thailand. The locals had an issue with the footage as it is illegal to hunt endangered wildlife in Thailand.


The chief of the national park where the program was filmed at subsequently filed police charges against actress Lee Yul Em for violating local wildlife laws, who now may face a 20,000 THB ($650 USD) fine and up to 5 years in prison.


Meanwhile, many netizens have been voicing concern for the actress and claiming that it was the program that needs to take responsibility rather than Lee Yul Em. One netizen who identified himself/herself as a diver even claimed that the production staff had harvested the clam and let Lee Yul Em carry it up to the surface for filming, listing plausible explanations for his/her claim.


Source: Herald Pop