Lawyer Reveals How Long Seungri Could Go To Prison If Found Guilty Of Using Happy Balloons

It could be “difficult” to charge him.

BIGBANG‘s Seungri was recently accused of using “happy balloons” on multiple occasions. “Happy balloons” are nitrous oxide-filled balloons that one can inhale for a short yet immediate high.


Much like Park Yoochun‘s possible prison sentence, Lawyer Kim Hee Jun claimed that Seungri could be sentenced between 5 to 7.5 years if found guilty.

If he used illegal drugs, he could be prisoned for up to 5 years. If he’s found guilty of using it multiple times, then his sentence could be up to 7 years and 6 months.

His possible sentence will most likely be within that range.

— Lawyer Kim Hee Jun


But Seungri’s sentence will be different from Park Yoochun’s in that “happy balloons” were not considered illegal by law until June 2017. If Seungri is found guilty of using it before that date, he cannot be charged. He can only be charged if he’s found guilty of using it afterward.

Happy Balloons isn’t categorized as drugs, but it is categorized as a chemical substance. It’s commonly used as an anesthetic supplement at places like dentistry. You feel good as if you’re floating in the air for about 3~4 seconds once you inhale it.

If he used happy balloons before it was deemed illegal (June 2017), then he can’t be charged. If he used it after the date, then he can be charged for violating the laws that prohibit illegal drug use.

It may be difficult to charge him since a lot of time has passed and it will be difficult to obtain valid unbiased evidence.

— Lawyer Kim Hee Jun


Although some of his alleged use of “happy balloons” took place in 2015-2016, he was also accused of inhaling it in 2017 during his trip to Vietnam.

Source: Osen

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