[★TRENDING] Lay reveals EXO members’ stance on his personal studio in China

On May 19th, EXO’s Lay attended a mini fan-meet event, Idol’s Hug, where he revealed a heartwarming incident between him and Baekhyun.

During the Q&A session of the event, the host asked Lay which EXO member is the most compatible with him. Lay responded, “Actually, I have a good relationship with all of them…Recently, there was a really touching incident that happened with Baekhyun. He just had his birthday, and I wanted to say happy birthday to him right at midnight. At that time, I had just traveled back from China to Korea, and I was still used to the time in China.

Lay continued, “So I was still waiting for midnight when the room was already filled with ‘Happy Birthday’s and I was thinking, ‘Oh, I’m late?’ So I told Baekhyun, ‘Sorry brother, happy birthday,’ and he responded, ‘Hyung, it’s been tiring for you recently right? It’s okay, hwaiting! This is what hyung chose to do, so hyung has all of our support,’” referring to Lay having a personal studio and increased schedules in China.

Lay attended the event after having to seek treatment for aggravating his waist injury. Despite this, he still interacted with his fans as best as he could. Check out the full clip of the event below!