LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon Accidentally Went Viral For Her “Blinking Dance” — Here’s The Full Story

She shocked fans when she revealed this!

With the release of “ANTIFRAGILE,” LE SSERAFIM‘s Chaewon went viral on multiple platforms for her powerful yet stunning performance.

During their opening showcase, her fancam received 2.4M views on YouTube while a Twitter clip of the “killing point” received 1.4M views. Both fans and non-fan netizens complimented her genius detail of blinking on beat to the song in the hypnotizing clip below.

In a recent interview, Chaewon revealed the behind-the-scenes story for the viral clip! She started by explaining how much she frequently monitors her own fancams to assess her own performances.

Fans cleverly complimented her as “the first idol to send Morse code through her eyes” and falling in love with her genius detail of blinking to the beat of the lyrics “anti-ti-ti-ti fragile.”

However, Chaewon revealed that this move was actually unplanned! In the moment, she was enjoying the performance and the move came out naturally.

Actually, for the comeback show, I just blinked my eyes only for that fancam. I was really enjoying the song and blink [to the beat].

— Chaewon

She had no idea that it would become a viral moment worldwide, so afterwards, she kept doing it!

However, that’s not the only part of her fancam that propelled her to virality. Her charismatic thumbnail left fans in awe of her beauty and stage presence…

…while her powerful yet cute performance kept those who had watched coming back for more.

With all of these factors combined, it’s no wonder Chaewon’s fancam reached such amazing heights, despite only being released for a month!

Watch her full interview below.