LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon Opens Up About The One Disadvantage To Having Different Backgrounds—And It Makes Her Sad

It’s unavoidable 😢

It’s no secret that the five members of LE SSERAFIM have a large age gap, especially between the oldest and youngest members. For example, Sakura was born in 1998, while Eunchae was born in 2006.

Eunchae (left) and Sakura (right) | @IM_LESSERAFIM/Twitter

Additionally, the girls come from different backgrounds. Sakura and Kazuha are from Japan, while Yunjin grew up in America. Although there are many advantages to having diverse upbringings, it’s not without its disadvantages!

Leader Chaewon opened up about it in a recent interview with Weverse Magazine.

From left to right: Eunchae, Chaewon, Kazuha, and Yunjin

The topic was brought up when the interviewer asked about the time she complained about being the only person to remember a mini-homepage from the past.

As you say, there’s a notable age gap between you and Eunchae. One time on LE SSERAFIM Company, you complained that nobody else remembers mini-homepage acorns and said, ‘I’m the only one here that knows so much!‘ Do you really think so?

— Weverse Magazine

According to the “ANTIFRAGILE” singer, they struggle to relate to each other’s childhood experiences. One example that she noted was being the only one to remember retro K-Pop songs. She couldn’t believe that her members were unfamiliar with them.

There’s a lot of times like that. (laughs) Eunchae is six years younger than me and all the others are from other countries, so I can’t relate with them on much. For example, retro K-pop songs—I found out the other members don’t know much about them. I ask them if they seriously don’t know and can’t believe it … (laughs)

— Chaewon

Not having anyone to talk to about these kind of things makes her sad, but she enjoys being able discuss many other topics with them. And that’s only possible because of their diverse backgrounds!

Honestly, I don’t think they would fully understand even if I tried to explain. (laughs) I’m like, I’ll just accept it and move on. It can be sad, but mostly I find that we have fun talking about all kinds of different things because we all come from different backgrounds.

— Chaewon

On the bright side, there are people who understand her: the company’s staff and her hair and makeup artists. “When I talk with staff at the label or the hair and makeup artists, I’m the only one who knows what they’re talking about,” she said. It may not be possible with her members, but thanks to those around her, she isn’t missing out on anything.

Apart from sharing her thoughts on how her members can’t relate to her references, Chaewon also discussed why she used to be worried about maknae Eunchae. Check it out here:

LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon Used To Be Very Worried About Eunchae, But Something Changed Her Mind For Good

Source: Weverse Magazine


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