LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon Used To Be Very Worried About Eunchae, But Something Changed Her Mind For Good

It’s now a thing of the past.

There’s no doubt on anyone’s mind that LE SSERAFIM‘s maknae Eunchae is loved by her unnies.


Chaewon confirmed this in a recent interview with Weverse Magazine where she further described what their relationship is like.


The topic was brought up when she was asked, “Is it also normal for all the older members to chance feeling embarrassed and take pictures with Eunchae in front of Pingfong?

Laughing, Chaewon explained that it’s in times like these that she remembers how young Eunchae really is. Born in 2006, the 15-year-old singer is one of the youngest K-Pop idols in the industry. Chaewon was born in the year 2000, so there’s a big age gap between the two!

It’s moments like that that remind me just how young Eunchae is. She really loves stuff like that.

— Chaewon


The LE SSERAFIM leader went on to describe Eunchae as being the type of person who has many interests. She inspires her members to do the things she wants to do, which strengthens their relationship.

She has so many things she wants to do, so when I see her interested in something, I want to do it with her.

— Chaewon 

Finally, she opened up about how she was full of worry for Eunchae when they first debuted. Chaewon saw how shy she was and feared that she would continue to close herself off.

But as time passed, Eunchae started opening up and revealing her true self. She’s now comfortable at showing fans her playful side. More than anything, the two have gotten so close, they’re like sisters!

I was worried about Eunchae at first because of how shy she was, but now she’s super playful and feels like a younger sister to me.

— Chaewon


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Source: Weverse Magazine


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