LE SSERAFIM Relies On Each Member For Different Things That Only They Can Provide—Here’s What They Are

There’s something unique about each of them!

LE SSERAFIM‘s friendship with one another is enviable! Time and time again, the members have spoken up about how close they are, sharing that their bond strengthens with every day that passes.


But what do they do to deepen their relationship? According to leader Chaewon, they make sure to rely on each other for different things.

She shared her thoughts on how they positively influence each other in an interview with Weverse Magazine.


First, she does her best to help Kazuha with Korean. For one, she translates Korean scripts for the Japanese former ballerina who is still learning the language.


Next, Yunjin grew up in America, so she taught her some English words to say to fans during video calls.


She teases Sakura because of their comfortable relationship with each other, and they goof around all the time. Their friendship deepened after they debuted together again following the disbandment of IZ*ONE.


Last but not the least, she and maknae Eunchae play pranks on each other and lift each other’s spirits when they’re together.

I tried to help Zuha out when we were filming since the scripts are all in Korean. I learned how to say the things I wanted to say on video calls with fans in English by asking Yunjin. We rely on each other because we communicate well together. In Kkura’s case, I’m not sure if it’s because we went through the rough parts of debuting together, but we can tell what the other’s feeling without saying a word. Now she’s always so cute and I just want to tease her and goof around together. (laughs) And I mentioned before that Eunchae and I play a lot of pranks on each other and we always end up laughing a lot and feeling better whenever we’re together.

— Chaewon


Hearing her answer, she was then asked what it means for her to be working together with the four members as a team. She opened up about how encouraging it is to be together, sharing the pressure and difficulties that come with the job.

I feel encouraged and like I have someone to rely on just by being together with them. If anyone did all this by themselves, they’d be taking on all the pressure by themselves, too. Whenever we’re all having a hard time, we can talk together and count on each other. I realized it’s incredibly lucky we ended up with this kind of connection. And we’re all ambitious, so it takes our desire to do well and multiplies it, plus we feel more confident from all the praise we receive from each other. It makes me even more excited for the future.

— Chaewon

In related news, Chaewon isn’t the only member who freely talked about their close friendship. See what Kazuha had to say about it in the article below.

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Source: Weverse Magazine


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