LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha Dishes On Why She Still Performs Ballet Moves In K-Pop Even After Leaving The Industry

She used to be a professional ballerina.

As a former professional ballerina, there’s no one more suited to do ballet-inspired moves than LE SSERAFIM‘s Kazuha—and that’s exactly what she did in the group’s latest comeback song, “ANTIFRAGILE!”


The line, “Don’t forget my pointe shoes I left behind,” was the perfect opportunity for the Japanese singer to raise one leg, mimicking a ballet form.

Kazuha talked all about it in a recent interview with Weverse Magazine. She started off by saying it was an honor to perform those movements.


Even if she had already left the industry, she still had the desire to show off her ballet skills while she was still capable of doing them. Once she relayed her sentiments to the group’s performance director, they made everything possible.

It’s an absolute honor to perform these kinds of movements in a group performance. I’m still able to do ballet, so I figured I should show it off while I still can. The ballet moves ended up in the choreography after I told the performance director that.

— Kazuha


Furthermore, she shared what’s different between K-Pop and ballet. The “FEARLESS” singer observed that the two are polar opposites. K-Pop is “abrupt and intense,” while ballet requires delicate movements. That meant she had to practice hard, but she nonetheless found the entire process fun!

When I did ballet, it was important that I move delicately, but when it comes to K-pop choreography, the moves are abrupt and intense, so it’s hard. You also have to show off your own unique vibe. But both are good in their own way, so it’s fun.

— Kazuha


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Source: Weverse Magazine


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