LE SSERAFIM Chaewon’s Mother Goes Viral For Looking Absolutely Stunning

It’s obvious who Chaewon gets her good looks from.

LE SSERAFIM member Chaewon is making news, but this time it’s due to her beautiful mother!

Recently, a post was uploaded to an online community titled “LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon’s Mother.” In the post, the author states that Chaewon’s mother is Lee Ran Hee, a theatre actor who has been acting for over thirty years.

Poster for “20th Century Writer” featuring Lee Ran Hee (bottom) | wikitree

The post’s author also writes that when Chaewon’s mother was briefly shown on Produce 48, she had gone viral for looking as beautiful as an actress, but it turns out she was one!

The author also included pictures of Lee Ran Hee, whose stunning visuals prove who Chaewon gets her looks from.

| wikitree

| wikitree

This isn’t the first time Chaewon’s mother went viral. Previously when Chaewon’s mother was briefly shown on Produce 48, she had gone viral for her beauty. At the time, netizens also expressed shock and awe at her beauty.

  • “Wow, her mother is beautiful… Chaewon too…”
  • “Now that I know, they do look alike…”
  • “Wow, they really look similar.”
  • “Her genes… ㅠㅠ.”
  • “Wow, she looks like Chaewon in the future. She’s so pretty, ㅜㅜ.”
  • “Woah, Chaewon gets her looks from genetics… Her mother is so beautiful.”
  • “Wow, her mother is so beautiful.”

Meanwhile, Chaewon and her group LE SSERAFIM have been enjoying an enormous amount of success since their debut. Recently, the group released their Japanese version of “FEARLESS.” Check out the music video in the link below.

Source: wikitree