LE SSERAFIM’s Reaction To Maknae Eunchae Wearing Her Underwear “Exposed” Surprises JaeJae

She wasn’t expecting that!

On a new episode of MMTG, LE SSERAFIM appeared and maknae Eunchae was ready to teach host JaeJae her ways on how to be the youngest member!

She gave her all kinds of tips, including how to act in front of the other members, what to wear, and more.

However, when the time came to get dressed, JaeJae was shook by Eunchae’s daring clothes choice!

Don’t you need to put the underwear inside?

— JaeJae

Eunchae told her it was the “new fashion” to wear your underwear exposed over the top of your waistband, but JaeJae wasn’t convinced.

Instead, she took a photo and told on her to the older members!

When she sent the photo with the caption “Unnies, Eunchae wore her underwear outside,” the members all broke into laughter!

The older members weren’t fazed. In fact, they thought it was cool and answered with charisma!

That’s LE SSERAFIM style!

— Sakure

Watch the full episode below.


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