LE SSERAFIM’s “FEARLESS” MV Surpasses 50 Million Views On YouTube

Congrats to the girls!

K-Pop girl group LE SSERAFIM’s debut song, “FEARLESS” music video surpassed 50 million views on May 9 at 6:32 PM KST, just a week after its initial release. The video surpassed 10 million views just 19 hours after its release and took the top spot on YouTube music videos trending worldwide.

Their debut track, “FEARLESS”, is a funk-based alternative pop genre that harmonizes with a bold bass riff and groovy rhythm. On the other hand, their debut album has sold a total of 307,540 copies during the first-week of its release, setting a new record for the first-week sales for a K-Pop girl group debut album.

Source: sports khan