Netizens Praise LE SSERAFIM’s Professionalism During Their First Performance Following Kim Garam’s Bullying Allegations

“It looks like a completely new and fresh group!”

When HYBE and Source Music announced that they were debuting a girl group, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when LE SSERAFIM finally debuted in May.

Unfortunately, from the very beginning, it was shrouded in controversy as member Kim Garam was caught in a bullying scandal. Although the companies denied the allegations, the allegations still distracted from the group’s promotions.

Members of LE SSERAFIM | @LE_SSERAFIM/Twitter

It was recently announced that LE SSERAFIM would promote with five members as Kim Garam was going on a hiatus.

On May 22, LE SSERAFIM did their first performance with just five members. Although the choreography was created for six people, netizens immediately praised idols for their professionalism in adapting perfectly and performing to the best of their abilities.

In particular, many pointed out that the formation of five looked much better than six, particularly during the moment when the group was in formation and one member was hidden.

Others praised the fact that due to having to redistribute the parts, members like Eunchae and Yunjin had more of an opportunity to shine on stage as they gained more prominence during the performance.

When the performance was shared, the video gained over 1.5 million views in less than 24 hours on YouTube, the highest of any of their performances so far. In the comments, netizens couldn’t stop sharing their praise for the group and their professionalism while performing, despite everything going on.

Even on Twitter, netizens couldn’t stop gushing about the performance and how, in a short period of time, the members had adapted to a whole new formation and choreography… but still slayed!

Even as the group continues to promote their track “FEARLESS,” netizens have shared their support for the members having to continue with just five.

Since the bullying accusations, netizens have had mixed responses to the incident, including the companies’ reactions to the constant influx of evidence from those associated with Kim Garam. Yet, what hasn’t changed is the fans’ support for the rest of the group.

Hopefully, netizens won’t have to wait long before all of the issues are sorted so the rest of the members won’t be affected.

You can read the full statement of Kim Garam going on hiatus below.

Source Music And HYBE Release Official Statement Regarding LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam’s Bullying Accusations — Kim Garam To Go On Hiatus

Source: SBS Inkigayo