Their Comeback Is Brewing — Here’s The 5 Different Hair Colors Each LE SSERAFIM Member Has

They’ll be making a comeback in late October.

LE SSERAFIM is slated for a comeback late October 2023. As the girls are in the midst of their tour, they couldn’t keep their new hair colors hidden like most artists do before a comeback transformation. Here are the different colors sported by the girls.

1. Eunchae

The lovable maknae went for a Barbie-blond! The neutral shade of blond perfectly complements her peach-like skintone.

It’s not easy for a warm-toned person to pull off blond hair without it looking brassy. Her stylist counteracted it with lots of ash tones to keep it neutral. It doesn’t err on the cool-toned side either! Perfect for Eunchae!

2. Kazuha

The elegant dancer rarely strays from dark hair. During debut, she sported light brown hair, which was gradually darkened to a deep black-brown.

Kazuha doesn’t ever go fully black due to her warm-toned skin. She suits a rich shade of chocolate brown the best, and that’s what her stylist delivered.

3. Yunjin

The most shocking transformation out of all 5 girls, Yunjin went for a bright shade of orange.

The orange shade will probably soon fade to a manageable orange-brown, but we’re loving the bold color for now.

4. Chaewon

Chaewon went for a safe caramel shade of brown. She has previously experimented with two-toned hair, as well as black hair before.

This shade of brown really softens her features and image. She went from a cold, city chick in “ANTI-FRAGILE” to a warm beauty with this color.

5. Sakura

Her pink hair during IZ*ONE was iconic, as it completely matched her namesake. But we also are loving this navy shade.

The dark blue faded out naturally to a silvery shade as the concert tour progressed. The ashy tones suit Sakura’s cool-toned skin perfectly!

With all the girls in different hair colors, we can’t wait for the diverse looks that they will be serving for the comeback!

Source: Nate Pann