How The LE SSERAFIM Members Helped Garam “Shed Her Worries” Right Before Debut

She needed their support.

Being part of a K-Pop group entails interacting with the same people for, presumably, years to come. Many idols end up becoming the best of friends, but they first had to overcame the awkward stage!

Knowing this, an interviewer for Weverse Magazine asked Garam, the second to the youngest member of LE SSERAFIM, how she was able to get along with her members.


The “FEARLESS” singer explained that they didn’t have to force a friendship. They started growing closer to each other through their many practices together and simply because they all live under one roof. She admitted that it was awkward in the start, but that’s now a thing of the past.

I think we naturally became close because we spend practically every waking moment together. It was somewhat awkward living all together at first since I like spending time alone and didn’t know what it means to be a team very well either, but I think I’m slowly changing and am becoming the kind of person who jumps at every chance to do something together now.

— Garam

| Weverse

More than anything, what helped solidify their friendship the most was taking group photos for their debut album.

Garam confessed that there were many things to “take care of before the debut,” but it was thanks to her members that she was able to relieve her worries. She found solace in the conversations that they had and by spending time alone.

I feel like our group grew especially close ever since our group photos were released recently. (laughs) There was so much to take care of before the debut, but I really shed my worries and felt reassured thanks to having time to get myself together and talk things through with them.

— Garam

I hope we’ll all be happy,” she concluded.

Garam isn’t the only member of LE SSERAFIM who talked about the members’ friendship with each other. Check out what Chaewon had to say about it in the article below.

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Source: Weverse Magazine