LE SSERAFIM Impresses With High Speed Reaction To Their Song Being Played

They reacted in 0.01 seconds!

LE SSERAFIM once went viral during Yonsei University’s AKARAKA 2022 festival for their super quick reflexes to the song, “FEARLESS”. The audio team had mistakenly started the song while the girls were still getting into their first positions lying down. Even though they were mid-adjustment, they were able to react in less than 0.01 seconds, nailing the starting move immediately.

The viral moment happened again at a different university festival. This time, as their microphones were on, Chaewon can be heard telling Kazuha to move downwards a little bit. While they were in mid-adjustment, the song started without warning. Thankfully, the girls were able to react quickly once again.

People were so amazed that they once asked the girls about it in an interview.

The video from Yonsei University’s festival blew up. Seems like you guys practiced a lot. Are there any behind-the-scenes [trivia]?

— Interview

According to Eunchae, many people thought that the girls were given cues through their in-ear pieces separately. That was not the case, however!

We only performed for about 15 minutes but we practiced for about a month. Not only did we practice “FEARLESS” but also “Sour Grapes” and “Blue Flame”. Many people think that we get a cue through the in-ear pieces when we start off for the intro of “FEARLESS”. But that’s not the case. We really practiced “FEARLESS” so much from pre-debut that we can dance it right away after being woken up from our sleep.

— Eunchae

For those who don’t know, “FEARLESS” starts off immediately with quick beats and the choreography hits each one. This means that the girls barely have a second to react to the start of the song. The way they nail the moves are a result of nothing but hard work and constant practice.

Source: theqoo


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