LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha Gets Her Full-Circle Moment As A BTS Fan

Biggest W as a fan and an artist!

Being a successful fan comes in many forms. It could be getting the chance to meet your idol, getting to work with them, or simply flourishing in your personal life in a way that would make your role model proud of you. Well, it looks like LE SSERAFIM‘s Kazuha has managed to do it all and then some more.

| Weverse Magazine

Over the course of just one year, Kazuha has made a distinct spot for herself in the K-Pop industry as a versatile idol. Her background in ballet is the unique strength that makes her stand out among her contemporaries. She has racked up many accolades with her teammates as LE SSERAFIM, but a recent personal achievement has fans overjoyed for her.

Kazuha and her co-member Sakura are the latest HYBE idols to join BTS Jimin‘s “Like Crazy” dance challenge. The duo shot the video with Jimin inside the HYBE gym. Jimin even showed off his moves by doing the key step of the “Antifragile” choreography at the beginning of the reel.

As much as this interaction is a happy affair for fans of both groups, some of them noted that this moment might mean a lot to Kazuha, who had mentioned looking up to Jimin in an old interview.

In May 2022, Kazuha told an interviewer that she auditioned for Source Music with a dance cover of BTS’s “Dynamite” and a video of her doing ballet. She explained that Jimin’s unique dancing style intrigued and inspired her to become a performer.

There’s a dance break in ‘Dynamite’ that’s so cool that I wanted to try to do it. I was really impressed watching BTS’s performance while I was getting ready for the audition. Even though they’re all doing the same choreography, each member has their own style, which I think makes it cooler. I thought Jimin’s dancing was especially beautiful when I saw it. I was impressed to see someone balancing classical dance with K-Pop choreography so well, which made me really interested in performing.

—Kazuha, Weverse Magazine

Looking back at this interview, it’s safe to say that dancing with Jimin on his song is definitely one of the best full-circle moments Kazuha could ask for as a fan and an artist. Now, fans are hoping that they get to see these two graceful performers together on stage someday!

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