LE SSERAFIM Prove They’re “Really Lurking” On Twitter By Trying One Of FEARNOTs’ Joking Uses For Their New Light Stick

“Help. They know about the… joke.”

LE SSERAFIM recently introduced their new light stick, the FIMBONG, and fans had mixed reactions with many thinking the design was “too simple.”

But fans were simply excited to have a light stick they could wave to support the group, especially since LE SSERAFIM just hosted their official fan meeting, FEARNADA.

Fans loved the fan meeting, getting a sneak peek at the group’s upcoming full album.

And seeing the members enjoy their meaningful time with fans.

But one particularly viral moment was when LE SSERAFIM showed off their unexpected way to use the FIMBONG.

Fans had previously shown their creativity in finding some unexpected “uses” for the light stick.

And LE SSERAFIM demonstrated another way to use the new light stick as a “curling iron” during the fan meeting.

Fans loved LE SSERAFIM’s hilarity.

And some fans even joked that LE SSERAFIM must be lurking on Twitter to have seen fans’ jokes about the light stick resembling a curling iron.

Although, as Eunchae says, fans shouldn’t refer to it as a bat or curling iron since the light stick is too “pretty.”

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