LE SSERAFIM Might Be Modeling For A Popular Food Brand And Fans Can’t Get Over The Hilarious Teaser

This could be the most iconic collaboration ever.

As one of the hottest K-Pop groups in the industry right now, it is no surprise that brands want to swoop up LE SSERAFIM members for endorsements. Though individually, all five members are booked and busy with their own brand deals, fans are eagerly waiting to see them modeling as a group as well.

| @le_sserafim/Instagram

And it looks like the wait is finally about to be over. Popular South Korean chain Goobne Chicken recently released a teaser of their upcoming campaign, leaving a not-so-subtle hint about their next models.

Netizens immediately noticed how closely the teaser was modeled on LE SSERAFIM‘s comeback teaser for Unforgiven. Apart from the logo and the special effects, the brand even added a cheeky tagline to match the group’s new album name with their brand image, turning Unforgiven into “Unfried.”

The punchline here is that Goobne Chicken sells oven-baked, non-fried chicken. It’s a healthier alternative to traditional Korean fried chicken, which is usually double-fried. The brand also used another pun in its original Instagram post, using the phrase “An-twi-twi-twi,” which, in Korean, means “not fried” and also parodies the chorus of LE SSERAFIM’s last title track, “Antifragile.” However, the post has since been deleted from Goobne’s page.

Given that LE SSERAFIM has a very fitness-centric image as a group, it is very fitting that they would work with a brand that promotes healthier snacking choices. But netizens are more preoccupied with the genius marketing move Goobne Chicken has managed to pull off, even before revealing the group as their official model.

| theqoo
  • “LOL.”
  • “Unfried is so freaking funny, LOL.”
  • “So this is what it takes to make marketing strategies, LOL.”
  • “Ah, this is f*cking funny, f*ck LOL. Both are so on point.”
  • “Crazy marketing sense LOL.”
  • “Their wit is crazy.”
  • “Lol.”
| theqoo
  • “LOL, the original post got removed, wow.”
  • “Unfried, what even, LOL.”
  • “An-twi-twi-twi f*ck LOL.”
  • “I’m furious, LOL.”
  • “Unfried, LOL.”
  • “They will come out doing ‘Anti-ti-ti-ti fry, fry,’ right?”
  • “LOL.”

Meanwhile, the brand is supposed to announce the new models on April 27, KST. If LE SSERAFIM is confirmed for the spot, they will be following ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo and actress Park Bo Young, who have been the face of Goobne Chicken since 2018!


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