LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Brings Eunchae To Tears On Her Birthday, Proving How Thoughtful She Is As The Older Member

Sakura will do anything for Eunchae!

LE SSERAFIM celebrated maknae Eunchae‘s birthday together, where Sakura inadvertently made her cry—but for the best reason.

Eunchae (left) and Sakura (right) | @IM_LESSERAFIM/Twitter

Despite the fact that they have only debuted this year, LE SSERAFIM have already made it evident that they have a close sibling-like relationship. In fact, Sakura has already received praise on different occasions for her treatment of the group’s two youngest members, Eunchae and Kazuha. Fans were more than happy to see how she ensured that Kazuha is included by inviting her to hang out with her former IZ*ONE members…

…and perhaps even more so to see how she always does her best to look out for Eunchae, who is the youngest at 16. Fans loved seeing how Sakura does her best to make sure Eunchae still gets to enjoy her childhood…

…and even made Eunchae cry with a letter in which she promised to take care of things for her.


It seems like Sakura is making good on her promise, as evidenced by Eunchae’s tears during her birthday live stream. While Yunjin was unable to join in person for it, the members still managed to all celebrate together by adding her picture to the table and giving her a call.

Fans were touched when Sakura brought out a thoughtful gift for Eunchae, which instantly prompted Eunchae’s tears.

As it turns out, Sakura had been wanting to get Eunchae AirPods. True to her word, she went and got them for her birthday…

…even telling Eunchae to not ask her parents for some.

Sakura never fails to make Eunchae feel touched, which says a lot about the thoughtful way she’s approaching her role as one of the older members!