LE SSERAFIM Sakura’s Fans Send Protest Truck To HYBE But It May Have A Negative Effect Instead

Are protest trucks dropping in efficacy?

Protest trucks are getting increasingly common in K-Pop. It has reached the point where trucks are seen almost daily at various companies.

On July 28, 2023, LE SSERAFIM Sakura’s fans sent trucks to HYBE to call for better treatment for the star.

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As Sakura has years of experience as an idol in Japan and in IZ*ONE prior to LE SSERAFIM, it is natural that she has built up a strong individual fandom. Her fans have been calling for better management for her individual schedules, as well as better treatment and styling.

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Sakura has been consistently active individually as well as in the group. Not only is she an ambassador for Louis Vuitton, but she also has a YouTube show. Despite this, fans are adamant that the company has been rejecting personal schedules for her.

Sakura’s Chinese fan union broadcasted the following messages on the truck in Korean, providing an English translation for international fans.

They question Sakura’s makeup and hair styling, as she is often seen in similar styles.

They also claim that she has not been getting enough screen time and parts.

As fans call for justice for the star, netizens seem to wonder if trucks really are all that effective. They question the mentalities of the fans who easily send trucks to the companies.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Save Sakura.
  • The victim mentality is so severe.
  • I like LE SSERAFIM’s songs so I listen to them frequently. I think that she should have lesser parts though… She’s so bad at singing.
  • I feel like even Sakura doesn’t think that way.
  • Their victim mentality is so scary.
  • Firstly, they only can have schedules for her if requests come in. Secondly, it’s so true that Bit&Boot sucks at hair and makeup. I hope all the members change their salon. Third, the official account doesn’t do RTs for all of the members’ individual schedules. Japan schedules? Sakura as another individual company for that so her Japan schedules aren’t featured in LE SSERAFIM’s self-produced contents. Lastly, about her having less screen time than the horses and dancers. I think it’s ill that you guys are watching the MV while nitpicking about this nonsense.

It seems like trucks may be creating negative publicity for the stars they involve. While it is definitely a good tool to use sparingly, the increased frequency in recent times seem to have created an opposite effect instead.

Source: Theqoo