LE SSERAFIM’s “UNFORGIVEN” Dance Challenge With MC JaeJae Receives Malicious Comments

A particular group of fans don’t like her.

LE SSERAFIM recently came back with “UNFORGIVEN.” Many idols have been participating in their dance challenge, with a recent addition being MC JaeJae. JaeJae is known for her show MMTG, which LE SSERAFIM filmed recently.

Despite the joyous collaboration, many fans have expressed their disappointment in LE SSERAFIM’s dance with JaeJae. They have gone as far as to post malicious comments on the video.

  • JaeJae has lots of controversy so I don’t want to watch.
  • I rather they danced with Kim Garam…
  • Ugh, I lost my love for them.
  • They want the male fans to go away, right?
  • What do they want us to do if they do this?

Despite this, most of the public stands on the side of JaeJae and LE SSERAFIM. After the news of the malicious comments were reposted on community sites, everyone rallied to stand for the girls.

| theqoo
  • They’re not doing this because it’s LE SSERAFIM but because its the first time LE SSERAFIM has collaborated with JaeJae that they have become the target.
  • The fandom has always been sick ever since their IZ*ONE days.
  • Why do they live like that? Incels only pick the things that don’t involve money to do.
  • JaeJae, hwaiting! I like her more because of this.
  • Hmm… I kinda want to spray them with pesticide and destroy these people who are even more disgusting than bugs so that they will stop this sh*t.
  • Men are just acting up because they feel intimidated.

The matter is upsetting that particular group of fans due to JaeJae being tied up in feminist allegations. Some have labeled her “anti-male” due to casual gestures at public events and more. Read more about the motion to ban her from broadcast below.

A Petition To Ban MC JaeJae From Public Broadcast Has Been Submitted Due To Her “Anti-Male” Controversy

Source: theqoo