A Petition To Ban MC JaeJae From Public Broadcast Has Been Submitted Due To Her “Anti-Male” Controversy

Here’s why her gesture became controversial.

MC JaeJae, known for her hit interview talk show, MMTG, has recently fallen into controversy. During the Baeksang Arts Awards festival, JaeJae was seen making a hand gesture while eating a piece of chocolate. Various male community sites had taken offense with this gesture as it is reportedly a gesture of male hate.

| Joongang Ilbo

As many would know, the South Korean community amongst males is highly sensitive to feminism as it often is misunderstood as male hate. Previously, celebrities such as Red Velvet‘s Irene received criticism for reading a reportedly feminist book. Similarly, Apink‘s Son Naeun was criticized for her phone case which supports feminism.

Regarding the controversial gesture, the producers of MMTG released an official statement. They claim that the team was discussing various outfits and ideas for the red carpet. Amongst the ideas, a clear snack baggie type of pouch was suggested in place of a clutch or a bag. As a comedic MC, JaeJae would then take out a snack from the bag and eat it on the red carpet, as sort of a joke performance.

| Star Today

The process of this decision would be shown through a behind-the-scenes clip to be released on MMTG‘s channel on May 20, 2021. They claim that the action of taking out a snack ended up looking similar to the controversial gesture, resulting in controversy.

Despite this statement, a petition has been submitted to the Blue House to take JaeJae off public broadcasts. This would affect her greatly as JaeJae hosts on SBS, which is a public broadcasting channel.

| Star Today

The petition claims that the gesture she made is a logo of an anti-male site and they claim that JaeJae has been regularly showing support for female rights and creates content that demonstrates so, hence there would be no chance that she was not aware of this.

Currently, the petition is up to 26,000 signatures and counting. Stay tuned for  more updates.

Source: Star Today and Joongang Ilbo