Irene Got Bashed For Reading Feminist Book…Now The Book Is Blowing Up In Sales

This shows how influential a K-Pop idol can truly be!

“Kim Ji Young, Born 1982” has become one of Korea’s most mentioned books, especially since Red Velvet‘s Irene said she read it and sparked a controversy.

The book has been called the feminist’s textbook by Koreans.


Irene’s mention of the book caused such an unprecedented controversy that it has contributed directly toward the book’s sales hike.

Of course, Red Velvet’s Irene is not the only K-Pop celeb to have read this book.


According to the stats provided by Kyobo Bookstore, one of the largest booksellers in Korea, “Kim Ji Young, Born 1982” has seen an increase of 104% in sales since Irene’s comment about the book.

In another bookseller Aladdin’s report, “Kim Ji Young, Born 1982” is said to have reclaimed its throne as the number 1 best selling book, thanks to Irene. A majority of the purchases are being made by women in their 20s to 30s.


“Kim Ji Young, Born 1982” is about the protagonist Kim Ji Young, a woman in her 30s living in Korea, and the discrimination against women she faces in her daily life.

Source: YONHAP and Pressian
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