LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin Goes Viral For Helping A Fan Do Their Homework

Best girl.

LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin was once a student too. In fact, she was preparing for business school when she received a sudden call from HYBE about their new girl group. As someone who was prepping to go to college herself, she knows all about how hard finishing reports are. Despite this, it was a pleasant surprise when she helped a fan out with their report!

A fan had been promoting a survey for their bachelor’s report on Weverse. They did not directly address any member and were likely just reaching out to other fans for help. Out of the blue, Yunjin commented on the post, effectively boosting the views for the fan.

When an artist writes a comment on Weverse, all subscribed fans receive a notification. The post is also easily visible on the landing page. She truly did the fan a huge favor!

The matter soon went viral on social media, with over 360,000 views.

People had nothing but praise for Yunjin. Anyone who has gone through it will know how difficult it is to gather survey responses.

Others were tickled by the “stan twt language” she used.

Yunjin sure deserves to be included in the fan’s report credits now!


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