LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha Stuns Fans With Her Astonishing Back Muscles

Talk about a flex!

LE SSERAFIM‘s Kazuha is going viral for her incredibly ripped back!

Kazuha | HYBE

Ever since her debut, Kazuha has been one of LE SSERAFIM’s most beloved members, often dazzling fans with her awe-inspiring visuals.

Recently, a clip of Kazuha has been spreading wildly, but it might not be for the reason you think it is. In the clip, Kazuha is performing LE SSERAFIM’s newly released single, “ANTIFRAGILE.”

In the part where they sing, “There is a lot of talk behind my back,” the singer in 4K shows off her back muscles, and fans are impressed.

During the part where they sing, ‘There is a lot of talk behind my back,’ Kazuha is talking loudly with her back. How is this even possible?

— @nomoredeng/Twitter

The singer proved how “ANTIFRAGILE” she is by inadvertently flexing her back muscles and showing the idol has definitely been working out.

Fans agreed, stating they were all impressed with the idol’s back muscles.

I keep thinking about Kazuha’s back. I’ve watched the clip 1424 times… It’s fascinating how the muscles move…

— @gom_ssee/Twitter

Every time I watch her back muscles clap, I give her a standing ovation.

— @gobangji/Twitter

It wasn’t just the group’s Korean fans that noticed either. International fans also lauded the idol’s incredible muscles.

It seems LE SSERAFIM fans can rest easy knowing she has the group’s back!

Want more LE SSERAFIM? Check out the aforementioned performance in the link below!

Source: Wikitree
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