LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Impresses Fans With Her Professionalism While Guiding Kazuha During Rehearsal

The fact that she even caught it within such a quick movement…

LE SSERAFIM‘s oldest member Sakura is also one of the most experienced idols active in the industry. With a decade-long career already in her bag, she knows the ropes of this job better than most, and it shows.

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Recently, a video of LE SSERAFIM members resurfaced where all of them were monitoring their stage rehearsal for their “The Boys” performance. The group covered the song, originally by GIrls’ Generation, during SBS Gayo Daejun in December 2022. While everyone was observing the video closely, Sakura noticed right away that when the camera panned to Kazuha‘s face, she was looking sideways. As someone with plenty of experience being in front of the camera, she firmly and carefully shared her advice with Kazuha, saying, “But Zuha, shouldn’t you be looking at the camera? It’s filming you.

Kazuha immediately took Sakura’s feedback into consideration and practiced her head movement so that she could look directly at the camera when it panned to her face. The slight alteration ended up uplifting the performance in the end.

The difference between Kazuha (below) before Sakura’s feedback and after (above) | YouTube

The video was posted on YouTube, where it has already crossed 4.1 million views at the time of writing this article. Though the original video was uploaded with the caption that Sakura gave “sharp” feedback to Kazuha, netizens found it highly professional yet sensible. The fact that Sakura caught onto such a small mistake and shared her two cents to make the performance airtight stood out to viewers as an impressive skill.

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  • “As expected…this is the experience of 12 years since debut.”
  • “This might look small to others, but it’s things like these that elevate the quality of performance…I respect Sakura a lot.”
  • “But you should be grateful for feedback like this. The advice is purely for your sake, and it wouldn’t have affected Sakura at all if she didn’t say anything. So, the fact that she did should be appreciated.”
  • “It’s so nice that the members have a good relationship and are close, so there are no hard feelings about the feedback.”