Leader of rookie girl group April shocks fans with sudden news of withdrawal

On November 9th, it was revealed that the leader of a newly debuted girl group has decided to leave the group.

The girl group is DSP Media’s newly debuted girl group April. It was reported that the group’s leader Somin has decided to leave the group, to the surprise of many fans and netizens.

April made their debut earlier this summer with “Dream Candy” and captured fans with their cute and innocent concept. Although the group faced many obstacles on the pathway to their debut such as going through various small series and even an alleged suicide in the Baby KARA days, they were able to debut and amass a steady following.

The agency indicated that after much thought and discussion, Somin decided to leave the group and April will be reformed as a five-member group. However, Somin will stay as an artist under DSP Media.

Fans have expressed their confusion in light of the startling news while others question the truth behind her departure from the group, even going to blame DSP Media for their poor management of the young group.

Source: 10asia

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